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Melanated Vegan's STORY


Melanated Vegan creates mouth watering gourmet vegan food using simple fresh ingredients with a hint of Caribbean flava.  Our belief is that our food should entice even the pickiest eaters! It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle! 


Charlene Forde

I never thought that 5 years ago I would ever become vegan.  It wasn't even a thought.  I had been training hard for a fitness competition and all my meals consisted of was steak and eggs for breakfast and lunch and some fish and veggies for dinner.  I was a girl on a mission!

That was until we decided it was time to have a baby and start a family.  I always had very painful menstrual and as I got older, I developed fibroids. My fiance suggested we go vegan after watching a YouTube video about the benefits for women that had similar issues as myself.  We were a year into trying to conceive and nothing.  Through tests, I learned that I had a uterine septum which was one of the reasons we could not conceive.

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