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Ashat, VIP

I absolutely enjoyed your black cake!


It was extremely moist and overloaded with tasty notes. 


Thanks for making black cake vegan, so I can still carry on the tradition to my future children. 



A. Mitchell

Charlene's calm smile first attracted me to her booth, but when smell of her cooking hit my nose I knew I had to have it. I'm not a full vegan yet but eating her creations always leave me with a sense of fullness and satisfaction that no other food presents. There is nothing missing! Some of my favorites include the chickpea quiche, rum cake and tacos. Her creativity with food never fails to amaze me.


To say Melanated Vegan's food is good would be an understatement. Their meals are everything you didn't expect in a vegan meal and MORE. Delicious, bursting with flavour and served with a smile. This is vegan food beyond salads and beans, and believe me when I say your taste buds will not be disappointed. Thank you again Charlene for the food and cake! My "non-vegan" brother ate half of my cake it was so good!

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